How Kawwwoin Works

Kawwwoin is an automated escrow service that allows traders to trade in real-time with each-other. You dictate the price unlike an exchange.

No account is needed, simply find somebody that wants to trade on our live chat or Discord and start trading. Automated escrow is easier, more flexible, and to us is a more enjoyable way to trade.

Find A Buyer / Seller


One of the most important points is finding a buyer or seller. There are two main options for this:

  1. Use the live chat room on the website
  2. Join our Discord servers and join the appropriate trade channel

There are no other official points of contact for Kawwwoin buyers and sellers at this time.

Initiate The Trade


Click “Begin Trade” on the trade page and you will be asked to provide a few details such as:

  • Buy Or Sell
  • Currency type
  • Amount and buy or sell price
  • Refund address (should there be an issue and the trade session does not happen or times out the system will refund to this address).

Once this information is given and you hit “Submit” the system will provide you an address to send the funds you want to trade. Once set the system will wait for some time for confirmation and then present you a link.

This link you provide to your trade partner. When they open it they will see the terms that you set and either agree or decline them. Once the system sees that they have sent the agreed amount of funds it will send both traders their coins.

How Long For Trades To Complete?


Once the system receives funds it waits for a certain amount of confirmations before it sends the funds to each trader. Hitting the expected amount of confirmations takes on average about 15 minutes, but can take longer in some cases.

Supported Cryptocurrencies And Pairs


Ravencoin (RVN)

GinCoin (GIN)



Currently there is only LTC pair. This may be expanded upon in the future if enough interest is shown in other pairs.